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Passion with a little more than a hope and a prayer.

My cupcake journey began on May 29, 2015 when a longtime friend asked if I could bake 600 cupcakes in 7 different flavors for her daughter’s high school graduation party. Yes, you read that correctly — 600 cupcake in one order!

I was flattered, honored, and frankly, a bit overwhelmed! I had never baked that many cupcakes at one time before! Nevertheless, I was up for the challenge, so I baked, baked, and baked some more. My friend was delighted with how the 600 cupcakes turned out. Soon thereafter, others started asking if I could bake for their events. And that was the beginning of Marcia’s Cupcake Kitchen.

​About the same time my new cupcake career started, my husband Dennis and I found a new church. It is Passion Church currently located in Maple Grove High School. It’s a church full of creative, caring, smart and wonderful people whom we are so blessed to have as our church family.  Passion Church is the place I call home!

I am amazed at how God continues to bless me with opportunities in this cupcake-baking adventure.  I was able to leave my full-time job of 30 years at Cub Foods to pursue my true passion – baking delicious treats! The people whom I have met, and continue to meet, through baking cupcakes have changed my life for the better — forever! I thank Jesus every day for the great things He keeps doing for my business; and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Whether you’re looking for cupcakes, a wedding cake, or you just want to treat yourself to something sweet, I’d be honored if you chose me for your baking needs!